Wednesday, January 31, 2007

some questions about sleeves and neckline

Hello Enid knitters,
I have not yet started Enid. I am swatching and pondering. I am thinking of making this sweater as a pullover in stead of a cardigan. Is anyone else doing that? Also, I may follow she who is knitting Enid in rose quartz and may make a hemmed sleeve. Is the sleeve straight? As for the neckline, I am reading EZimmeramn's 'Knitting Without Tears" and seeing if I can incorporate some of her shaping into Enid.
When I read the posts about the "itch factor"in this sweater it made me consider making my facings with a different, softer yarn (I have some fine merino in my stash).


Lizz said...

I think it is a great idea to make this into a pull over! Although I'm not the most sensitive person to yarns, this isn't the itchiest I've ever felt. Especially after it is washed. I think I have about a half of ball left of the base color - if you are interested in playing around and washing a swatch and such I would be willing to send the remainder to you. Let me know.

Ania said...

I'm doing it as a pullover too. I just started and have about 2 inches of the torso done. I will do some shaping for the waistline, so it's got some flare. I haven't figured out the shaping for the neckline though; I don't mind the boatneck so much. I'm also concerned about the itchiness. I hope it will soften with washing. Doing a wash swatch is a good idea.

SarahF said...

Lizz, it was your post that made me decide to make a pullover. Your comment is also making me think that I will wash my swatch--which I don't always do. But after years of knitting I now love swatching. So I think I will measure before and after washing. Rather than asking you for extra yarn maybe I will knit and wash some of the yarn for the colorwork.
How much give did you give yourself? I am 40" in the chest and think I will do the "43.25 inch size. Since the yarn is pretty fine, I think it might look nice in that size.
Ania, I'd like to know what you're planning in the waist shaping department.

Anonymous said...

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