Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Hi all! Happy New Year. I cheated and cast on at Christmas--I just couldn't resist, and it was perfectly non-demanding knitting that left me free to talk to relatives and drink spiked eggnog to my heart's content.

I'm almost done with the lower part of the body:

I did attempt the usual provisional cast-on but...I didn't trust it. It was my first time using it and with that many stitches, I found it difficult to count the first row and maybe I'm foolish but I felt like screwing up one of cast-on stitches would prevent the waste yarn from unzipping later...was this a correct worry? I ended up doing a crochet chain provisional cast on instead, and I'm happy with that.

I'm shaping the waist and lengthening a little...I knit for about 3 inches, then gradually decreased every inch until I'd decreased by about four inches. I knit for an inch then started to increase every inch and I'll do this until my stitch count is back to its original stitch count.

I'm thinking ahead to the steeks...I'm really liking the sound of crocheted steeks (versus sewn) but I didn't plan/include the extra stitches necessary...I'm kind of thinking that I might do it anyway. I know from my gauge swatch that this yarn grows slightly, so maybe I will be okay doing it anyway? I'm kind of a reckless knitter =]

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Rebecca said...

I'm anxious to see your crocheted steeks if you do it that way. I'm kinda thinking that's the way I'm gonna do it too.

hesira said...

That looks great. I'm leery of the provisionaly cast on myself. I keep saying I'm going to do a swatch. Maybe today.

Cirilia said...

I would definitely recommend a swatch, I did a very large one with it (did the provisional cast on as it was described in the back of the magazine, knit several rows, then unzipped) and while it SEEMED to unzip just fine, I had a hard time counting the stitches I'd cast-on, AND I had no clue whether or not they were twisted. Not a reassuring way to start a sweater. The crochet chain method has neither problem and feels tried and true for me, plus, same result!

I plan to swatch a few different steek methods, I'll post about that eventually =)