Sunday, January 21, 2007

Enid is done!

Pattern Enid Cardigan, Interweave Knits Winter 2006
Design By Véronik Avery
Yarn Reynolds Whiskey
NeedlesKnitpicks Options and some non-descript DPNs
Date Started 12/08/06
Date Finished The knitting and steek was finished 12/22/06, but the finishing was done today 01/21/07
Alterations I used some of the stitches for a crochet steek, and instead of a button band used a zipper.
Thoughts Let's start with the good things: I loved knitting this. The yarn was great to work with, and softened with a washing, and the colors were beautifully put together. This was my first steeked sweater and I feel totally confident to do others and think it was a great technique to add. And because of some unforseen dislikes I learned how to put a zipper into a knitted garment (really easy by the way, and I hate sewing!).
Now for the bad. I really don't like the fit of the final product. The problem is not in the measurements, they are all well and good. The thing is, the cardigan looks great zipped (or in most peoples cases, buttoned) but looks rediculous opened! The whole cardigan droops and becomes shapeless and the entire neckline feels like it is sliding down my chest. It's not functional as a cardigan and therefore really disappointing. But all in all, not a total loss.
Now I don't want to discourage those currently working on Enid, but I will say, I would not recommend this project to a friend. That's a first for me.


Mi Familia en TX said...

HI Lizz

Great job on your Enid.. Hey I wonder how this will look in a large Enid like me? A friend mention to me about this KAL and I can't resist, right now I weight 220 there a size big for me in the pattern? I order the book!

Lizz said...

Mi familia en tx -

The pattern provides for these sizes (in inches): 33, 36, 38 1/4, 41 1/2, 44 1/4, 47, 49 1/4)". Not sure what your measurements are but the pattern is fairly easy to modify. Also, there are several others on the knitalong that are thinking about adding short rows or other techniques to accomodate larger busts. Keep us posted, as I am sure that there are several knitters who would be willing and able to help you with your Enid. Also, I think the Enid would be a very flattering pattern for the full figure women.

Mi Familia en TX said...

Thanks Lizz

By the way my real name is! anyways... Ican't wait for everything to get here..

Lizz said...

Enid -

¿Usted habla español?

hesira said...

That looks great, Lizz.

Mi Familia en TX said...

Si Lizz

Es mi primer Idioma jaja!
lol! You can tell!!?


Lizz said...

Enid -

Pensé usted está aprendiendo que (como mí) o él es su primera lengua.
Pues, miro adelante a mirar su progreso en Enid.

JH said...

I love this cardigan and right from the getgo I thought it'd be better as a sweater so I think maybe if I make it I'll omit the front steek. Thanks for the heads up, it still looks beautiful.