Sunday, January 7, 2007

New Rules for Susan

I, Susan, do solemnly swear to live by the following rules:
1. I will not spaz about my gauge before my swatch has even reached 3 inches in length
2. I will not measure my swatch with the needles still in the fabric (Can I get a duh?)
3. I am not the Yarn Harlot. I will do a proper swatch and not claim a sleeve counts. Maybe once I've knitted as much as the Harlot, I can do the same as she.

The gauge is looking much better, and I won't do my final measurements until I've given it a bit of a wash. Honestly, measuring gauge on 2 inches of fabric with the needles still in it...

1 comment:

hesira said...

I should adopt your rules! I'm getting 29 stitches and 36 rows for 4 inches, but that is a really relaxed gauge, done on the actual body of the sweater, instead of a swatch. I'm just going to keep on with it, and see what happens. Knitting blasphemy, maybe, but I'm almost done with the body, and I ain't going back, Baby!