Saturday, January 6, 2007


I have a swatchy question for all of you. Did you knit a circular swatch? Is that what you're going to practice steeking on, those of you who are planning on a practice one?

See, I cast on a sleeve-sized swatch myself, and if all went well, I was hoping I might be able to continue it as a sleeve. However, the sleeve swatch I cast on looks like it's going to be huuuuuuuuge! So that problem seems to be fairly consistent among us. My gauge is a bit off, too. I'm supposed to be getting 26 stitches to 4" with the larger needles (the 4s), but I'm getting more like 23 stitches thus far- and I knit tightly! Granted, I've only done about 2 inches, but I get the feeling these needles just aren't the right size.

Also, I'm using a pair of inox dpns, and they feel a bit sticky with the silky wool. I prefer Addi Turbo or Knit Picks circulars, so I'm contemplating placing a Knit Picks order for a couple of #3 circs. The 4 dpns are slowing me down.

Well, I'm going to continue on my sleeve swatch with a circular #4 and see if the smooth finish on the Options needle makes a difference (shut up, I can dream!) and I can eek out those extra stitches per inch. Otherwise, it's time to find some #3s. I'm glad the rest of you seem to be making better progress.

And stupid Blogger won't let me post any photos of the sleeve that's twice as wide as my arm.

Stupid Blogger.


Cirilia said...

Needle texture totally makes a difference for gauge when I knit! Hope the switch does it for you.

I have been thinking about this sleeve thing--a lot of people are opting for a hem facing instead of the rolled sleeve, which would probably take up a litte room and make it less baggy...but still...

Amanda said...

Hi Susan - I did knit a circular swatch, then I steeked it and then I washed it. I typically knit with abandon, but this seemed like a project worth the prep work. I'm using Inox dpns and I got gauge on the the 4s- then again, I'm using a different yarn, so that changes things....

I'll be winding your yarn and mailing it probably Monday - yay!

Knithole said...

I went down to a three before I even swatched for it. This yarn seems to be finer then I imagined. I'm getting perfect guage with the threes and addi turbo needles. You're suppose to wash the swatch as well to see how much it relaxes after you knit it, but hell I didn't even knit a swatch. I'm a naughty knitter! heh!