Monday, December 11, 2006


Not sure if any of you have noticed, but the pattern leaves no extra stitches for the steeking. I thought this was a bit strange when I read over the pattern pre-knitting, but sometimes I have a hard time imagining what will happen. It is best if I just attempt and then fix.
My first plan was to save the 2 stitch decrease that happens right before the color work and using the hand/machine sewn steek called for. I'm not a fan of sewing, but thought that it might be nice to add it to my knitting know all. After doing two swatches (one hand, one machine) I was very unhappy with the ridgitity of the sewing. But I didn't want to have to frog the work in order to cast on steek stitches.
I decided to skip one 13 stitch repeat so that all the bubbles will be whole and use the 13 stitches for my steek. I realize that it is a lot but it really is only about an inch on each side after cutting. And actually, this wasn't a bad thing since I really fell in the middle of two sizes. But it dawned on me as I was setting this all up that the back was going to have about 1 extra inch compared to the front when all was said and done.
I have now frogged only a minor portion of the sweater, just down to the armhole BO, and set up the front and back so that they are equal (taking into a account the buttonhole band width). I've decided to use a crocheted steek (just like Eunny these are my favorite, tons of flexibility and sturdy) even though you could consider using an unreinforced steek.
So not that disasterous, but I hope that my post will come in handy. I plan to write Veronik Avery to find out if the missing steek stitches was an accident and if not what the logic is.
As for the other tweeks on the pattern: I left the underarm stitches live so that I can graft them as I think that will look better. I'm also going to tweek the hem lines cause I'm not sure how the current one will react to the crochet steek - but that's all later, for now I get to relax with some beautiful color work - I just love how these colors blend and interact with each other.
I've been enjoying reading these posts and can't wait to see more Cardigans!
Update I just emailed Veronik Avery, I'll keep you updated with her response.
Update 12/12I received an email this morning from Veronik:

...a different method: the idea was to use a
scandinavian method such as used by the bohus knitters, which does
not make use of steek sts - they just sew down the center of each
edge stitch and cut through the center. It actually holds quite well
and I didn't have any problems with it at all.

So if you are comfortable, there should be no reason to modify the instructions. Making swatches of the different styles really helped me.

I've also had a few people ask about my modification. When I get a bit farther in the color work I will upload some pictures that will show how the stitches are arranged.


hesira said...

Thanks for the heads up. That's really helpful to me, as I haven't gotten my yarn yet, and have never steeked. I love having this knit along! Usually I have to figure things out all by my lonesome, so it's great when others help you along.

Amanda said...

Hi Lizz - Welcome to the knitalong - it's good to have someone with some mileage on Enid already!

I'm glad to hear that you are using a crocheted steek like Eunny - I'd been planning on doing the same. Interesting observations on the steek selvage - I'd been wondering about that too. I would think that the way you've done it would just replace the lost inch with the buttonband - no? Hm. If you can post a picture, I'd love to see just how all of this works!

Thanks for the tips!