Thursday, December 7, 2006

Interested in joining?

So there have been a few comments expressing interest in joining the knit along that don't have email addresses. The only way we can add you as a contributor is to enter an email address, and an invitation will be sent to you. There are a couple of ways to give us your address without opening yourself up to the scary spammers- you can include your address in the comment, spelling out the symbols (AT, DOT) , or you can go to my profile (click Susan on the list of contributors) and click on the email link. My address will magially pop up in your email program and you can send me your address. If worse comes to worst, leave a comment that you're having trouble and we'll figure out some way to muddle through.



hesira said...

Hi Susan.

I have to locate a copy of IK Winter before I can commit. There is a LYS in my hometown (2 hours away) and I'm going to call them & see if they have a copy. If so, I'll pick it up this weekend. I DO want to play with ya'll. Hopefully, I can get my IK and my yarn in time to jump in for the fun.

My email addy is hesirazoysia at yahoo dot com

Lizz said...

I'd love to join and to post something but I'm having a hard time figuring out how. The only thing I could find was post a comment. Any advice? Thanks

Susan said...

Drop me an email at ssm28 AT cornell DOT edu with your email address, and I'll send you an email invitation to join!

Rebecca said...

Susan, I've sent you an email to join the KAL. Can't wait to get my yarn and start!!