Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Hello! This knitalong came quick on the heels of my post asking if anyone knew of an Enid knitalong, bully for me, eh?

I have all my yarn and according to the designer (and my own yarn Spidey-sense) we won't need the whole ball of all the non-charcoal colors. I would be willing to halve the balls I have for someone else making the size 36 or smaller. Did Veronik say the same was true for all sizes? How cool that she is available/willing to offer tips like this! I'd be nervous about sending bits of my yarn away but I do work at a yarn store so I know where I can get more if need be.

I just realized--Enid is, as a blogger has mentioned, a character from Sweet Valley High, that bastion of teenhood I used to revere. Sharing yarn with someone is almost the equivilent of a best friend locket or something, how very Sweet Valley! This is blowing my mind!

I am signed in under my Google account, but I do have a blog to visit when things get going. I'll try to remember to link to it in each post.

I plan to spend the "time" (I'm in grad school and right now the concept of having any time free is hil-AR-ious) between now and cast on to experiment with my gauge, gather my needles and practice the provisional cast on. Oh, and maybe finish one of my other knitalong projects to absolve myself of the guilt I have joining another!

Over and out,

Chatty Cirilia

P.S. Of COURSE Enid would be the nerd-ish, corrupt character with divorced parents, a shady past and a tragic love life! Actually, it's kind of hilarious.


Amanda said...

Hi Cirilia - I'm so glad you joined! I enjoyed your first post and of course popped right over to your blog to see what you've been up to and it looks like we have two things in common:
Glampyre's Forecase (how is yours coming along?)
and some major Communication Studies style reading - what are you working on in grad school? I finished up a few years ago and I'm happy I discovered knitting towards the end or I might not have made it! ;)

Susan said...

Wasn't Enid Liz's friend in junior high, and then, when she moved back in high school, she became Jessica's friend?

Susan said...

Whoops... got Enid and Amy Sutton mixed up.