Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Let Me Get This Straight

From reading some of the previous posts, I understand that I can follow the pattern as it is written, without having to make any modifications for the steeks. I've never done them before, and I'm anxious to start the body of the sweater. For the next week or so, my little boys are home from school, and there are too many distractions to really learn anything new. Once they are back in school, I can buckle down and figure out how to steek, but for now I just want to get some of the body done. Can I just go ahead, cast the number of stitches for my size, and knit until I get to the point where I need to think about the finishing, and THEN think about it?



Lizz said...

The pattern is correct, you don't need to change it if you don't want. Here's my two cents: If you are wanting to follow the type of steek described in the pattern (sewing) then go ahead and cast-on. If, however, you are thinking about changing the type of steek or are wanting more than a 2 stitch leeway (as given in the pattern) than you may want to wait to cast on the body. If you are ansy to get started I would suggest starting with the arms.

hesira said...

Thanks, Lizz. That's good advice. I tried the provisional cast on yesterday, and I think I could spend a couple of days just getting comfortable with that. I think I may do a practice steek, and see how that turns out, as well.

Amanda said...

Hi Hesira - I think I'm going to start on the sleeves also and do a little steek swatching before I commit to the body plans yet. Post pictures of your practice steeking if you get a chance!