Friday, December 22, 2006

Body Finished

I finished the hemlines last night and blocked the body. I'm happy overall but it does fit looser than I had hoped (even with my modifications). Here's a close up of the yoke. This shows where I left the 13 stitches for the steeking.

My modifications are as follows:
Arms stayed the same. I have 44 stitches on each side of the front and a total of 87 in the back. There are 13 "steek stitches". After everything is cut, the button bands will add only about an inch to the front. I'm planning to crochet the steek and cut later tonight. I'll post pictures of the process afterwards.


hesira said...

That looks really great. I'm looking forward to seeing how your steeking works out. I'm a little nervous about that part of the pattern. I'm glad you're blazing the trail.

FairyGodKnitter said...

It looks great. I'm holding off on cutting open my steeks until it is quieter around here. I'm counting on this as the last FO of 2006.

Amanda said...

Wow Lizz - it looks amazing! Have you tried it on yet? What do you think of the fit and the neckline? As the lead knitter, we're all hoping you'll pass on some advice to those of us who will be following in your footsteps! I love your steeks - looks beautiful!