Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hesira's Finished Enid

Well, here she is. I have mixed feelings about this project. I learned so much through the process and gained a lot of confidence. I am interested in knitting more sweaters in the round, and trying steeking some more. However, I have a few disappointments as well.

If the whole point of steeking is to reduce the amount of seaming, the button band and buttonhole band negated that. What a pain! You can clearly see where the stockinette stitch overlaps the steeked edge on both sides of the button area. And speaking of buttons, I couldn't figure out how to place just 9 buttons. I had to use 10. The crochet edge is pretty when you put it on, but for me it's not really functional. It's difficult to tell just where the button HOLES are.

I was hoping the puckering would lay down after blocking, but it's still there. I swear I was carrying my floats loosely, but not loosely enough, apparently. Hopefully, with time, this will ease out.

As Lizz said, the only way to wear this sweater is completely buttoned (or zipped in her case) up. Sometimes I like to wear a cardi with just the top button fastened, but even that is impossible with this sweater.

I think there are places where the pattern is a little vague. Two examples: assuming the knitter knows what to do with the sleeve seams and there is no indication of exactly how many stitches the knitter should initially crochet across the button band. Strangely enough, it all works out in the end. It's comfortable to wear and fits better than expected. It looks really pretty

Would I ever make it again, or recommend it to someone? No way. Am I glad I made it? Absolutely. Things I'd do differently if I made it again:

No provisional cast on. I'd either let it roll or use some non-rolling stitch border.
More stitches in the steeking area. There was too little selvage for a beginner steeker like myself.
Different button holes.
Higher neckline.

That's it folks. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's finished or in progress sweaters. I'm especially interested in those of you who decided to change the neck shaping. Good luck, everyone!


Lizz said...

I could have sworn that I had already commented to this post, but there's no evidence of it. Your cardi looks alot better on than mine... I'm quite jealous! I think you did a great job and Congrats on being finished. Funny - We have alot of the same feelings about the project!

knithole said...

That's too bad you aren't happy with it. I wonder if decreasing a bit more on the neckline would help keep it together more. And knitting it higher up. It looks like it just needs to snug up a bit. I think I will try that on mine. All in all it looks great. I know what a bummer it is too finally finish something and not be totally stoked on it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it will really help me with the rest of mine!

Ania said...

It's really beautiful. I love the colors you chose and the "puckering" looks intentional. It looks really nice on you.