Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello from Newcastle! (north east of England)

Hi everyone

I've just started swatching for Enid. I think I'm going to be in for a long haul with this one and I can't deny, the idea of steeks is making me more than a little nervous! But I enjoy a challenge.

I'm a big busted gal with a narrow waist so I'm particularly interested in hearing about how others have chosen to modify the pattern...and I'm already considering converting Enid into a jumper rather than a cardi.

The yarn used in the pattern isn't available in the UK so I'm planning on using some of my tweed stash. Possibly in the colours pictured below with the grey/brown shade as the main colour, I'd be interested to hear what you think of this combo:

Looking forward to getting to know you all. Helen


hesira said...

Hi Helen/Purlpower

I think those colors look great.

As for making Enid a pullover, I think the button band is going to add some width to the already pretty tight fitting (at least on me) sweater. I'd take that into account if I was you. Maybe move up a size. Also, the way the pattern is written, there is 1 stitch of MC between each of the bubbles in the yoke, except in the front where you are to steek. There are 2 stitches there. If you don't intend to cut the sweater, you may want to modify that and only have 1 MC stitch between the last stitch of the round and the first.

As for steeking, if you've never done it before (as I never have), I'd make some modifications to the pattern. It's a little ticky as written. I'd add 3 stitches at the front, having the middle of the 3 a different color than the MC throughout the entire sweater. I'd use that different colored column as the steeking column instead of basting a thread at the end as suggested. I believe there is an earlier post by Lizz showing something like this. I wish I'd done mine this way. It would make it much easier to reinforce.

Welcome to the KAL and have fun!

Susan said...

I love the colors! Don't worry about not having started yet- despite being one of the "founders" of this knit along, I'm afraid I haven't done anything more than swatch. You and I can stumble through together!

Lizz said...

Love your colors!