Thursday, March 15, 2007

Now for my progress...

So shortly after we (Amanda and I) conceived of this knit along, I... well, conceived. [If you want, you can read more here] For most of January and February, knitting made me nauseous. Most things made me nauseous during that time. So, I did nothing on it after swatching. Calculations for modifications were were far more than my foggy, first trimester brain could handle.

Until a couple of weeks ago. I cast on. Only. I have a provisional cast on without having even joined the round (I decided to forego the pictures- hope you're not disappointed). I've been concerned about the problems people have been having with sizing and steeking and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to add more stitches to steek, or whether I wanted to do it as written, leaving myself the option of just making the damn thing a pullover if I couldn't handle it any longer. Also, I realized there is no earthly way I could try on my sweater as I worked, since if it fits me now, I've made a big mistake. I planned to work based on my measurements from December, which might be a little more busty than my non-pregnant self, but will likely be just right for next winter and nursing.

So, that's where I am. I think now that Amanda has started over and there are a few of you also starting late, that maybe the group vibe (and the lack of nausea) will help me to finally get started on this sweater!

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Cirilia said...

Hey, congrats!! That's...a good excuse, which I do NOT have. I'm flying through sleeve #2 though and it's re-ignited my excitement for now. Happy to be bringing up the rear with you!