Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Enid, meet Elizabeth

So here's the latest on my Enid cardigan: after knitting the sweater body all the way up to the underarms, I think, hm, I should stretch this thing out on to a bunch of circular needles and check the fit.... Bad news: I've knit myself a potato sack. It's huge. HUGE! Like many of you, I have been endlessly frustrated with Véronik Avery's instructions for what should be a really really simple knit and I've made a decision.

Goodbye Véronik, hello Elizabeth.

What I love about the Enid cardigan is the colorwork around the yoke, and the slim, modern fit. What we seem to be getting with the original instructions is a baggy mess with a crappy looking loose collar. So, I'm starting over and following Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Kintting without Tears" percentages system this time - folks who have used this before have raved about the beautiful fit and I'm hoping to add myself to that list of fans. Using EZ's method, the sweater will be worked almost exactly the same as written in VA's instructions, but the numbers will be tailored to MY bod and will hopefully fit much better. I've started completely over from the bottom hem and even though I have the sleeves knit, I think I'll re-do them to keep with EZ's proportions and percentages. I'll be keeping the fabulous colorwork around the yoke from VA's pattern, but that's about it. I'll keep you posted on the new EZ Enid. I'm about to head over to the couch for an afternoon of lazy movie knitting. The sky has been rumbling and darkening all morning - it's the perfect day for it!


Lizz said...

I'm so happy that you decided to stop and reknit Enid into a more tailored-to-you cardigan. I had a feeling about mine, but decided to trust the pattern. I can't wait to see yours done, because I think it will be just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

3 months later and i just came to the same conclusion. haven't looked at this knitalong for months because of UFOs. as i was working on an EZ hybrid I just thought, hey! I'll do Enid as an EZ yoke sweater. cuz what i love about enid is the colorwork. but EZ's shaping techniques are foolproof. so i'll be turning to enid in a few months (have to do some baby knitting before i can go on to her).